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Northern Illawarra Art Trail

Thelma S Zaracostas, Graham Sinclair and Judy Bourke will have their studios open for the Northern Illawarra Art Trail, Saturday and Sunday 19th & 20th November 2022 from 10 – 3pm. More info here

FREE parking next door, north of the studio in the commuter car park.


‘Gentle Reflections’ BAST exhibition at Clifton School of Arts

In November 2017 members  Frank Nowlan, Garry Jones, T S Zaracostas, Maylee Jones and Judy Bourke  and past Members Michele Elliot and Mary Wingrave  showed their latest works. The title of the exhibition is a tribute to the late Ian Gentle a local sculptor who used to live and work in this building.

Friday 3rd to Monday 6th November 2017 at Clifton School of Arts, A great local gallery.

The Exhibition was open 10 – 5 every day. Opening Friday night 6pm – 8pm at Clifton School

of Arts.

Guest speaker was Thirroul designer Mick Alvisse

Gentle Reflections at Clifton School of Arts

Barracks Art Studios Thirroul  had their first Members Exhibition from 3rd to 5th November 2017. The title of the exhibition was Gentle Reflections.

Members Judy Bourke, Frank Nowlan, T S Zaracostas, Garry Jones and Maylee Jones exhibited with past members Kendal Heyes, Michele Elliot and Mary Wingrave.

The opening was on Friday 3th November 2017 at 6pm.

Binary Code for Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace

‘Binary Code for Ada Byron (Countess of Lovelace’

Artist Statement

01000001 01100100 01100001 01001100 01101111 01110110 01100101 01101100 01100001 01100011 01100101 01000110 01101001 01110010 01110011 01110100 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101101 01110000 01110101 01110100 01100101 01110010 00100000 01110000 01110010 01101111 01100111 01110010 01100001 01101101 01101101 01100101 01110010 01100011 01101111 01100100 01100101 01101010 01110101 01100100 01111001

Ada Lovelace first computer-programmer code Judy


I have created a binary code textile installation that celebrates the first computer programmer, Ada Byron, (the Countess of Lovelace).

Ada Lovelace was an analytical metaphysicist. She published extensive notes about Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine in 1843.

Computer language is based on Binary Code. Binary numbers make use of only 2 characters, on and off, 1 and 0.

In a similar way knitting is a system based on 2 stitches, plain and pearl with combinations and variations of these 2.

I have translated text into binary code and developed a binary code knitting pattern using white for plain and black for pearl, that covers a computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse.

‘The Analytic Engine weaves algebraic patterns just as the Jacquard loom weaves flowers and leaves.’ Ada Lovelace 1843

Judy Bourke February 2017