Barracks Art Studios Thirroul (BAST) has 5 members. It is a not for profit incorporated association. Members are visual artists with varying contemporary art practices.

Members; Judy Bourke  (President)  Graham Sinclair, (Vice President), T S Zaracostas, (Treasurer) David Hull (Secretary), Frank Nowlan, (Associate Membership Coordinator).  Each member has their own lock up studio and is a member of the management committee.

See more of the artist’s works here,

Judy Bourke   Judy’s Website

Graham Sinclair

T S Zaracostas,  T S Zaracostas Website

David Hull  website to come

Frank Nowlan   Egg and Dart Art Gallery

The studio is in Thirroul, a northern suburb of the City of Wollongong on the South Coast of NSW, Australia.

BAST was incorporated in 2012.  The barracks building is over 100 years old, much loved Heritage Listed railway building.

We had our first  Wollongong Art Gallery exhibition, ‘On Track’, in September and October 2018.




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