Barracks Art Studios Thirroul (BAST) has 5 members. It is a not for profit incorporated association. Members are visual artists with varying contemporary art practices.

Members; Judy Bourke  (President)  Graham Sinclair, (Vice President), T S Zaracostas, (Treasurer) Gabrielle Freer (Secretary), Frank Nowlan, (Artist In Residence Coordinator).  Each member has their own lock up studio and is a member of the management committee.

See more of the artist’s works here,

Judy Bourke   Judy’s Website

Graham Sinclair

T S Zaracostas,  T S Zaracostas Website

Gabrielle Freer  website to come

Frank Nowlan   Egg and Dart Art Gallery

The studio is in Thirroul, a northern suburb of the City of Wollongong on the South Coast of NSW, Australia.

BAST was incorporated in 2012.  The barracks building is a 100 year old, much loved Heritage Listed railway building.

We had our first  Wollongong Art Gallery exhibition, ‘On Track’, in September and October 2018.




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